Sports and Activities

The mission of Ville de Richmond's Recreation and Community Service Department is to develop, encourage, support, advise, mentor, plan, coordinate and manage all municipal sports and recreation resources. In fact, it must ensure that the public receives quality services in terms of sports, recreation and outdoor activities.

Specifically, the recreational and community Service works in particular with sports and leisure associations and supports them in the organization, management and planning of their respective disciplines.

This responsibility gives it a leading role in the management of the municipal infrastructure schedule.


Arena Paul-Émile Lefebvre
Gymnasiums at Plein-Cœur and R.R.H.S.
Soccer Fields at R.R..H.S.
Public swimming pool at Place des loisirs
Ball Park Gérard Gerry Lefebvre
Volley-Ball Courts
Tennis Courts at Le Tremplin
Une surface multisports de DEK hockey et de pickle-ball
Water access to the Saint-François River (for fans of fishing and nautical activities). The ramp is accessible by Principale south.

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